Cambridge Highland Dance & Company offers classes in Highland, Ballet, Modern Dance, Canadian Step Dance, and Bhangra.

Highland Dance

At Cambridge Highland Dancers, we teach from the BATD curriculum. We offer classes from Primary Recreational up to Competitive Premier. CHD dancers have competed in Ontario, the Maritimes, the United States and in Scotland. Instruction is offered in Highland, National, Hornpipe, Jig and choreography. The Cambridge Highland Dancers perform in shows and events all around the tri-cities area throughout the year and offers exciting opportunities for all dancers. Examinations are held once a year with examiners from the BATD. Exams are optional and are generally reserved for the competitive dancers.

Highland Class Attire

Red or black tank top (existing) or Red body suit, Black Lycra shorts, White knee sox, Ghillies.


A classical dance form demanding grace and precision and employing formalized steps and gestures set in intricate, flowing patterns to create expression through movement. Ballet is considered to be the root of all dance forms. Ballet develops musicality, grace and ease of movement as well as posture and alignment. At CHDC our classical ballet classes are based on technique from the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus. The RAD has been providing dance education with over 90 years’ experience in inspiring, cultivating and supporting dance teachers around the world.

Ballet Class Attire

Black body suit, Pink tights, Ballet slippers, Hair in a bun.

Modern Theatre Dance

Modern Theatre dance is a rhythmic dance style which originated in America before travelling to the rest of the world. It is often seen on the stages of musical productions and is known for its theatrical qualities. The style uses travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style.

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance

Modern Class Attire

Footless tights, Matching colour of body suit.

Canadian Step Dance

Canadian stepdancing involves fast dancing to fiddle music using shoes with taps designed to accentuate the dancer’s rhythmical, drumming foot movements. Classes will focus on the Ottawa Valley Style which features variable, aggressive steps danced high off the floor, and flowing arm movements.

Stepdancing Class Attire

Comfortable clothing that provides ease of movement.


Bhangra is one of India's most energetic dances. It is a type of traditional folk dance of Punjab, originating in the Sialkot area of Punjab, Pakistan. It is done in the season of harvesting. According to Manuel, bhangra is especially associated with the vernal Vaisakhi festival. Bhangra is traditionally danced to the dhol instrument, a large drum, and boliyan, short sets of lyrics that describe scenes or stories from Punjab. These lyrics most commonly reference themes of love, patriotism, strength, and celebration.

Bhangra Class Attire

Comfortable clothing that provides ease of movement.